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Purify. Protect. Optimize Energy.

The Next Generation of Energy Management and Technology Solutions

Customers achieve optimal energy efficiency, meet carbon reduction goals and promote financial growth and stability in a dynamic marketplace.

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Reduce Energy Usage, Cost and Downtime

Global Energy Partners innovates energy solutions today, to improve power quality tomorrow. Our portfolio of technologically advanced products and services allow us to deliver the next generation of solutions.

We are helping our customers achieve optimal energy efficiency, operational performance and meet sustainability goals, while promoting financial growth and stability in a dynamic marketplace.

Reach out today for a free company energy assessment.

Equipment Protection

Reduce maintenance costs and improve operational performance with tailored energy solutions.

Financial Analysis

Energy efficiencies implementation plan includes detailed analysis with achievable benchmarks.

Energy Reduction

With an updated analysis of energy usage and cost, we innovate custom energy solutions to improve energy performance and efficiency.

Operational Performance

Energy efficient solutions help reduce downtime for facilities.

Sustainability Compliance

Eliminate Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions and accomplish company-driven environmental initiatives ahead of timelines.

Energy Management

Fully customizable, real-time monitoring platform to manage energy resources all in one place.

Energy Technology Services

Our services eliminate energy inefficiencies by delivering the next generation of energy management and technologies.  Our process is fully customized for your facility or business operation.  Included in our process is a wholistic business analysis, which provides energy reduction and efficiency solutions paired with positive long-term financial impact.

Energy Technologies

Our customized solutions address energy optimization at every level. We only offer the best products and services to our network.

Business Consulting

Evaluation and implementation of key business goals, energy consumption, energy efficiency and sustainable solutions are key areas of focus.

Energy Management & Monitoring

Track energy-saving initiatives with ease with our state-of-the-art energy monitoring software.

Power Quality Assessment

Our multi-point assessment will analyze the most critical areas for energy reduction and cost savings.

How It works

Optimize Energy Usage and Reduce Costs

Our proven process will evaluate your business objectives and find solutions to achieve them.

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Warehouse / Distribution

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Energy Assessment

Our energy efficient technologies help clients reduce energy, optimize power quality, achieve sustainability goals and increase financial bottom lines. Take the first step towards energy efficiency for your business and contact our team today.


We provide a free consultation to review business goals and offer customized solutions.

Energy Assessment

Energy audit and analysis provides an accurate picture of current energy usage, cost and quality.

Incentives & Rebates

Our rebate team will secure all possible incentives and rebates for your project.

Achieve Energy Efficiency Standards

Proven Process. Fast Results.


Ensuring power quality is crucial for maintaining the stability of power infrastructure. It can prevent unexpected equipment reboots and mitigate the risk of more severe consequences.

Optimizing energy is one of the fastest, most cost-effective ways to save money, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, secure longevity in electronic equipment and meet growing energy demand.

Our clients all over the world have experienced remarkable ROI reports. We expect an ROI of less than 3 years, though we have had a Fortune 500 company with an ROI of less than 20 seconds.

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improve power quality, energy efficiency & performance

Our technologies are the solution to achieve optimal operational performance and energy efficiency, reduce overhead and meet business objectives. 

Achieving Business Initiatives is now easier

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Our multi-point energy assessment will analyze the most critical areas for energy reduction and cost savings.